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2011年1月14日 星期五


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新地球能量 2011一月份
邁可天使長透過Celia Fenn傳訊

田安琪翻譯 歡迎轉載
The Shift into the New Timeline and the Manifestation of Peace on EarthLiving an Authentic and Soul-Full Life in the New Reality
The New Earth Energies : January 2011
Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

2011光之頻 Jhadten Jewall創作
The Light Frequencies for 2011.Image by Jhadten Jewall at http://www.sacredspaces.net.

摯愛的光之家族 多麼的喜悅與美好呀!
Beloved Family of Light, how joyous and wonderful it is that the Earth has completed the transition that began at the time of the Grand Cross alignment in 2010. At that time, you knew that major changes were occuring in your world as the Planet began to realign herself for the final phases of her shift into the Fifth Dimension and the New Timeline. By the time of the Solar Eclipse on the 4th of January, the Earth will be fully aligned with her new trajectory and her new frequency, which will ensure tat she will arrive on time in December 2012 for her rendezvous with the Galactic Timegate and her entry into "no time" or the "infinity frequency".

事實上 摯愛的各位
但 我希望你們能注意到
這其中有個自相矛盾之處 而這正對你在新實像中而言是重要的
在光的第五次元 加速的頻率被體驗為較慢的時間
在第三次元 新頻率被體驗為更快的時間 事物看起來以極快的速度移動
Indeed, Beloved Ones, the shift that has been made in the last months of 2010 was primarily about Time and your Perception of Time in relation to your lives on Planet Earth. The shift into the Fifth Dimension of Light is a shift into a Higher Frequency of Consciousness. The energy at this level vibrates at a higher and more accelerated rate than at the Third Dimension. But, and here we ask for your attention, for there is a paradox here that is important to your experience of the New Reality. In the Fifth Dimension of Light, accelerated frequency is experienced as slower time! In the Third Dimension, the new frequency is experienced as faster time and things seem to be moving too fast.

但在恩典的運作中 地球正讓第三次元時序繼續著 與新時序共存直到2012
因地球將會繼續她的旅程 穿越2012時間之門 進入「無時間/無線頻率」或者「無限意識」之境
在此時 地球上的一切將開始為「意識進化」到光與和平新時代的大躍升做準備
The Earth herself has now shifted fully into the new Fifth-dimensional Timeline, but as an act of Grace, she is allowing the Third-dimensional Timeline to continue and to co-exist with the new timeline up until 2012. The population of Earth thus has time to adjust to the new frequency and timeline. Both will be available as options until mid 2012, when the old Third-dimensional timeline will be collapsed as the Earth begins her journey through the 2012 Timegate into the the "No Time/Infinity Frequency" or the zone of Infinite Consciousness. At this time, all on the Earth will begin preparation for the giant leap of "conscious evolution" into the New Age of Light and Peace.

你已是轉進的先鋒 此時我們請你對如何看待時間要更覺知
並學會何時你是在新的時間模式中 並在向前的途徑上
在舊的時序中 你會體驗到頻率的加速 就好像感覺到時間過得太快
Beloved Ones, you have been the pioneers for this shift, and now we ask you to become aware of how your perception of time will be crucial to your personal shift in the next eighteen months. You will learn to know when you are in the old time paradigm heading for a dead end, and when you are in the new time paradigm and on the path forward. On the old timeline, you will experience the acceleration of frequency as a feeling of time passing too fast, of being stressed, rushed, and anxious, with too much to do.

你將感到每樣事物都慢下來了 有許多時間可以完成它所應然的
你將感覺到豐盛與幸福 不論你的財務狀況如何
On the new Fifth-dimensional timeline you will feel as though everything has slowed down and that there is plenty of time to accomplish what is necessary. You will feel calm and peaceful, and you will know that all is in Divine Order in your life. You will experience a sense of Abundance and Wellbeing, no matter what your financial situation might be. And, you will have a sense of the possibility of miracles in your life as you move forward on the adventure of life on Earth.

Grounding into the New Timeline

因為 你的身體正在以加快的速率作能量振動
Beloveds, it is important that you ground yourselves into this new Timeline and allow your Light Body and your Physical Body to become accustomed to these new frequencies and vibrations. For, your body will be vibrating energetically at an increased rate, but you will experience life more slowly.

一開始 你會體驗到一些內在的混亂
Initially, you may experience some inner confusion, your body may feel unco-ordinated and heavy, you may feel clumsy and out of synch with yourself. You may also experience anxiety, disturbed sleep patterns, exhaustion, dizziness and nausea, as your body deals with the new time frequncies. These temporary symptoms are what we would call "motion sickenss" as your body adjusts and recalibrates on the new frequencies.

要知道 摯愛的各位
因此 我們建議你以愛與關照滋養身體
釋放任何依然固著在過往的舊劇碼 全然進入愛與寬恕的能量中
並且 每日的基本動作是 確保你的身體和光體與神聖意願對焦
Know too, Beloveds, that your Physical Body is also in this process of shifting and aligning to pass through the 2012 Timegate into Infinite Time. So, we suggest that you nurture your body with love and care and that you ensure that you live a balanced life. Release any old dramas that remain from the past and enter fully into the energy of Love and Forgiveness. And, on a daily basis, ensure that your Physical and Light Bodies are aligned with Divine Will.

為了做到這些 我們會在這兒提供每日的啟動與靜心 會很有幫助
但又已經升級到適用於新能量狀態了 你可以在一月四日的日蝕時進行----
一開始 把能量聚焦於心並且深呼吸
要知道 在第五次元你的意識是錨定於心的
以深邃的無條件之愛來體驗實像 並且與一切所是連結
也感受那深邃的寧定和平 那是我們意識中的一部份
In order to achieve this, we will offer here a daily activation and meditation that will be helpful. This is similar to the last meditation that we offered, but it has been upgraded to adapt to the new energy shifts that you will work with from the Solar Eclipse completion on the 4th of January. Begin by simply focussing your energy into the Heart and breathing deeply. Know that in the Fifth Dimension, your consciousness is anchored in your Heart. Experience that reality as a deep sense of Unconditional Love and Connection to All That Is. Feel also the deep Peace that is part of that Consciousness.

感受你現在正錨定能量進入地球 進入新的第五次元晶狀網絡
擁抱你心中的愛 並明白你被地球母親深深的愛著與滋養著
Then, allow that energy to move downwards through the solar plexus, the sacral and the base chakras and down into the Earth Star Chakra, located within the Earth just beneath your feet. Feel how you are now anchoring your energy into the Earth, into the New Crystalline Grids of the Fifth Dimension as they connect with your Earth Star Chakra. Now, let that energy move further down to connect with the Crystal Heart at the center of the Earth. Here you feel the deep and unconditional Shekinah Love of the Earth Mother coming up to you, through the Earth Star Chakra and into your Heart. Hold that Love in your Heart, and know that you are deeply Loved and Nurtured by the Earth Mother, and that you are in Alignment with the Divine Will for the Earth, as expressed through the evolution of the Planet into Multi-dimensional Reality.

現在 讓能量移往身體
經過喉輪、眉心輪與頂輪 進入靈魂之星脈輪(它在頭頂上方)
當它錨定於你的身體形式之中時 在這裡 你與你的靈魂、高我與大我臨在連結
在這裡 你也能夠與你的存在目的和神聖本質連結
當你與此生的更高目地連結時 感受你靈魂的無條件之愛與美麗
讓能量往上移動到光的次元 進入到一切所是的宇宙之心
在這裡 你感覺到源頭那一切所是的無限之愛
把那裡的振動與光燦向下帶往你的心中 並保留在此處
Now, let the energy move up your body, through the Throat, Brow and Crown chakras, and up into the Soul Star Chakra that is located just above the head. Here, you connect with your Soul and your Higher Self, your I AM presence as it anchors into your Physical Form. Here you can also connect with your Purpose for being here now, and with your Divine Essence. Feel the Unconditional Love and Beauty of your Soul as you align with your Higher Purpose for this lifetime. It feels wonderful and filled with brilliant and radiant light. Now, let that energy move upwards through the Dimensions of Light to the Great Cosmic Heart of All That Is. Here you feel the Infinite Love of the Source for All that Is. Draw that pulsating and radiant light back down into your Heart and hold it there.

現在 你是與神聖意願對焦的 為了你自身與地球
在這恩典與愛的新時序中 當你隨順那到臨的神聖指引 生命將變得簡單與清晰
Now - you are aligned with Divine Will, for yourself and for the Earth. When you are in this alignment, you will find it a simple matter to be grounded into the Fifth-dimensional Timeline and to experience the energies of Peace, Calm and Abundance. Life will become Simple and Clear as you follow the Divine Guidance that will come to you on this new Timeline of Grace and Love.

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