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The Voice——Father MelchizedekBy Father Melchizedek thru HazelNov 27, 2010 - 4:48:31 AM

The voice within often speaks but is seldom heard in the consciousness of its receiver. You have been programmed to hear that which is external through your outer physical ears. The various noises that you are subjected to on your plane of existence contaminate your ability to listen in silence and to silence. That which is on the outside creates confusion and hampers the ability of your spirit to have a voice in your lives. It is this voice in priority to all others that you should be attentive to; for this is the voice which will offer wisdom, truth, discernment, clarity and reason.

內在的聲音經常在訴說但卻很少在接收者清醒的意識中被聽到。 你們被編程去傾聽通過你們的外在肉耳所獲得的外在聲音。 你們在這個生存的星球所經受的各種噪音毒害了你們在寧靜中傾聽以及傾聽寧靜的能力。 外在的噪音產生了混亂,並阻礙了你們靈魂在你們生活中擁有內在聲音的能力。 這個內在聲音比其他一切都重要,你們應該重視它,因為正是這種聲音提供了智慧,真理,洞察力,清晰的思維與理性。

This voice is in fact the voice of the inner God whose utterances are in fact directives which will enable you to secure in your understanding greater knowledge of your place, purpose and role. It is the hidden wealth that you seek after, during your sojourn on earth. Seldom do you start your exploration within and there lies your error in judgment. The journey to find yourselves, your motivations, your passion, your purpose, your root, must always as a matter of course commence inwardly. It is the inward journey that provides the petrol which sustains the outward journey. It is where you go when you need to refill your engines that you may continue through your life experiences in a knowing way. Many journey outwardly with an empty gas tank. They are not filled from within and therefore seek to sustain themselves by that which is external to them. The external always becomes spent which engenders discontent and which inevitably leads to hungering for more which tend to be conceptually matter or material.

這個聲音事實上是內在神性的聲音,它的表達實際上是能確保你們理解你們的地位,目的和職責的更重要知識的嚮導。 它是你們地球上居住期間一直尋找的、隱藏的寶貴財富。 你們很少開始探索內心,你們的判斷存在錯誤。 去發現你們自己,你們的積極性,你們的激情,你們的目的,你們的根基的旅程實際上必須要向內開始。 正是這向內的旅程為向外的旅程提供了動力。 這正是在你們需要重新加滿你們的引擎時要去的地方(尋求內在聲音),這樣你可以繼續以知曉的方式去經歷你們的人生歷程。 許多人憑著一個空的油箱向外旅行。 他們內在沒有充滿,因此靠著尋求外在的一切來維持自己。 外在的東西通常會失去效用,這樣就產生了不滿,這就不可避免的導致渴望更多,從而造成了在概念上逐漸形成“物質”或“物質的”。

There are those who make a conscious choice not to go inwardly to seek for they do not believe that anything exists there. Their entire lives gravitate around a limited understanding that conjures mental pictures of greatness achieved through the out workings of material wealth. This is how they seek to define themselves and present themselves to the world. They form fixed views as to what is required for them to accomplish in order to carve out a name for themselves in the world. Frequently they seek to achieve recognition as someone, through the gaining of things, be it money power or fame. Yet empty are their inner coffers for they refuse to give their inner being (the truth of their identity) a say in their lives. Many decline to answer the call of their inner promptings or merely pay lip service to it. Their lives become either that of a speeding train whose brakes have malfunctioned or a defective train which makes gradual moves then comes to a standstill for lack of fuel. All because that inner voice is ignored or buried deep below the noise clutter within the human ego mind. The voice of the ego seeks supremacy and that is the voice most listened to and followed. The ego seeks to show off its grandeur through the arrogance of all knowing and in some cases seeks to assume its rightful place by its measure against the elitist barometer.

有一些人做出了有意識地選擇,不去向內尋求,因為他們不相信有任何東西在內心存在。 他們的整個一生都是被一個局限的理解所吸引,這個理解變幻出通過外在的物質財富而達到精神上偉大的一副幻覺。 這就是他們如何向世界定義和展示他們自己的方式。 他們對於通過去完成什麼而為他們在世界上留名形成了固定的看法。 他們不斷地通過獲得財產來尋求被認可,也就是金錢權力或名聲(名利)。 然而他們內在的“金庫”卻是空的,因為他們拒絕在生命中給他們的內在存在(他們的身份的真相)一個說話的機會。 許多人拒絕回應內心的驅動,或只是敷衍了事。 他們的生活要么變得像一列加速的、剎車失靈的火車,要么是一列緩慢移動並最終因缺乏動力而停頓的有故障的火車。 一切都是因為內在聲音被忽略或是被存在於人類自我心智的凌亂的噪音所深深掩埋。 自我的聲音尋求掌控一切,那也是被最多聽到和追隨的聲音。 自我試圖通過通曉一切的傲慢來炫耀它的富麗堂皇,在一些情況下,自我通過對精英標誌的衡量來試圖獲得它覺得該有的地位。

Your whole journey on your plane is meant for you to find yourself through inner awareness and discover your most potent sword and shield, being your inner power derived from knowing that God resides within you and that it is His voice which echoes through His guidance that will assist you in forging a life that is spirit worthy and fulfilling. When you can hear that inner voice, should you decide to follow its directions you shall find that your path will appear clear and even though there may be inevitable bumps along the way, the voice within shall always show you how to surmount them or how to see them for the value they have in teaching you the lessons you need to learn as you journey towards wholeness and mastery. The voice within will always speak truth and offer balanced perspectives and guidance . It is not there to fuel your ego or to provide unconditional support in your effort to assert your “rightness”. It is there to guide and to teach that you may through your earthly life learn to adopt its voice as your voice, its wisdom and mastery as yours so that you can live and be you as you allow the God within to manifest.

你們在這個星球的整個旅程意味著你們要通過內在的覺醒發現你們自己,發現你們最強有力的劍和盾牌,通過知曉神性在你們心中來成為你們的內在力量,是神的聲音與他給予的指導共鳴來幫助你們打造一個富有靈性並充滿愉悅的生活。 當你們能夠聽到那個內在的聲音,你們如果決定跟從它的指導,那你們會發現你們的路途會顯得清晰,即使途中難免會有磕磕碰碰,內在的聲音會一直不斷的指點你們如何克服它們,或是如何看待它們在你通向完滿和精熟的旅程上給你帶來的你所需要的學習課程的價值。 內在的聲音總是說明真理,提供平衡的視角和指導。 它不會在那裡去激發你們的自我或是提供無條件的支持努力使你們維護你們所謂的“正義”。 它在那裡去指導並教會你們通過世俗生活來學習接受它的聲音作為你們的聲音,接受它的智慧和精熟變為自己的,這樣你們能夠真正為自己而活,因為你們允許內在的神性顯現。

If you could but spare moments in your days to clear the inner clutter and invite your friend within to speak, you shall hear most clearly and you will begin to know the difference between your inner voice and your outer voice( which is controlled predominantly by ego ) and thus you will begin a harmonious relationship with your spirit. You will live your life within the aura of higher understanding and shall constantly effort to extend yourselves to maintain communion with the source of your divine energy.

如果你們能夠在生活中拿出一些時間來清理雜亂的內心,邀請你們內在的朋友來對話,你們將聽見最清晰的聲音,並開始知曉你們內在聲音與外在聲音(它被自我明顯的控制著)的區別,從而你們會與你們的靈魂開始一個和諧的關係。 你們會生活在更高的理解的氛圍中,會不斷的努力擴展自己來與你們神聖能量的源頭保持交流。

I am Father Melchizedek and I exhort you to listen, listen to the hidden silent voice for this is what all men seek on his outward journey. To have a voice you must find your voice, that which is real and enduring. It is your inner voice that will transform your outward journey and affect the course of your life on earth.

我是父默基瑟德,我來勸告你們傾聽,傾聽那潛藏的寂靜之聲,因為這是所有人在他的向外的旅程中要尋找的。 要擁有聲音你們必須發現你們的聲音,那是是真實和永久的。 正是你們的內在的聲音轉化了你們的向外的旅程並影響了你們世俗生活的軌跡。

In the Light I come to bring blessings.


Candace: This voice is of course the Thought Adjuster which since Pentacost 2000 years ago, comes to all NORMAL minds when the person makes their first real moral choice. Usually around age 5. Most do not consciously hear this voice, who are "new souls " until they reach first circle. The thought adjusters, according to one source in the UB ARE GOD.

坎迪斯:這個聲音當然就是thought adjuster(思維校正者),自從2000年以前的聖靈降臨節來到所有正常的心智中,當一個人做出第一個真正的道德選擇。 通常在5歲左右。 很多人作為“新靈魂”沒有有意識地聽到這個聲音,直至他們完成第一個週期。 根據the urantia book(地球之書)的資料,thought adjusters是上帝。

Now most of you are long fused with your thought adjuster, and thus it is your "higher self" who is issuing the advice, and higher self is a dumb word, but it's all we have. It's your real you.

現在,你們多數人已經與你們的thought adjuster融合很久了,因此它就是向你們提出忠告的“高我”,高我是一個潛藏的詞,但它就是我們所擁有的。 它是真實的你。

Christians keep trying the "hear" the Holy spirit which they think is 3rd person of the Trinity. It is the thought adjustor, which is first person of the Trinity.

基督徒一直嘗試“傾聽”他們認為是三位一體第三人的聖靈。 thought adjuster是三位一體的第一人。 (譯者:據the urantia book,三位一體的第一人是Universal Father,即聖父,第二人是Eternal Son,即聖子,第三人是Infinite Spirit,即聖靈。我們的thought adjuster與personality都直接來自於Universal Father,所以這裡稱thought adjuster為三位一體的第一人。)

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